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Watch The Jungle Book in HDR

Each year the IBC technical team takes the RAI Auditorium and converts it into The IBC Big Screen Experience. With the help of industry leaders including Christie, Dolby, QSC and Harkness Screens, for five days it is the state of the art in cinema technology.

The IBC Big Screen Experience is home to conference sessions – including Ang Lee’s keynote address on Monday 12 September – demonstrations, and the IBC Awards Ceremony on Sunday.

It also gives us the chance to show a couple of the year’s hot movies. These special screenings give IBC visitors a chance to experience both the best in cinema projection and sound, while watching the latest in creativity, production techniques and post production technology.

This year’s Saturday night movie is the special high dynamic range version of Jon Favreau’s stunning new adaptation of The Jungle Book, thanks to the support of the Walt Disney Company. Despite being set entirely in the Indian jungle, the live action was shot on a stage in downtown Los Angeles. Everything else, including the cast of animals like Baloo the bear and Shere Khan the tiger, is created in computer graphics.

The IBC screening will feature Dolby Vision laser projection on the specially made Harkness screen and with Dolby Atmos immersive audio via the QSC sound system.

The Jungle Book is a free screening for all IBC visitors. It starts at 18:30 tonight in the Auditorium, but demand for seats is sure to be huge.

Doors open at 18:15.