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Watch to monetise OTT

A new end-to-end OTT software platform for multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) called Anvato Watch is designed to help programmers and service providers better monetise their OTT video offerings.

For OTT offerings to be truly successful, they must be making money from day one, Anvato said. To enable this, the Anvato Watch platform includes server-side ad insertion capabilities that help service monetisation as operators forge ahead in mobile and OTT.

For instance, using Anvato Watch, two viewers of the same channel in different areas of the city could be targeted with a customised ad payload based on various device-specific criteria such as time of day, geo-location, audience frequency and control (capping), or travel (distance and direction).

Ads can also be stitched in for VoD assets for individualised ad delivery when the user requests the VoD playback, or programmes can be replaced when there are content restrictions, for example.

Anvato claimed the platform eliminates the compartmentalised nature of other solutions, where various components are cobbled together in an effort to build a cohesive offering.

Anvato Watch is designed to enable organisations to roll out an OTT service with every element including apps for mobile devices – usually within a few weeks.