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VR’s VIP view

One of the reasons that stereo 3D live broadcasting didn’t take off was the need for an entirely separate workflow including camera positions which took prime seats at the venue out of action.

The concept from start-up LiveLike is to ease all the worries sceptical broadcasters might have in transitioning to live virtual reality production. Its technology works with cameras already in place at a venue to provide viewers with a best seat in the house VR experience.

CEO and founder Andre Lorenceau explained, “We are showing our exclusive virtual reality prototype developed with major international football teams. Our product gives broadcasters the ability to broadcast in virtual reality using an app that is complete and comfortable enough for viewers to want to spend a full game inside.

“It is an easy-to-adopt solution that requires no special equipment at all, simply one fish-eye lensed camera,” he added. “We are interested in providing our solution to hundreds of broadcasters around the world to give their fans the ability to feel like they can attend every game, no matter the physical barriers.”

Visitors to the IBC Future Zone are the first to view new features which allow multiple ‘friends’ to hang out and interact within the virtual world.

Lorenceau said the company is currently developing a way to deliver 360 video angles, as well as building live streaming capabilities.

“If any broadcasters or league is interested in having their events broadcast in VR, LiveLike is the first, and
only complete solution coming to market in early 2016,” he added.