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VR’s infinite potential

Virtual Reality startups Jaunt and 3MERSIV will reveal an agreement through which VR production company 3MERSIV will be the preferred production partner (non exclusive) for Jaunt Studios, a unit of startup Jaunt that’s focused on best practices and offering production and post technology for VR content creation, during today’s ‘Immersive Cinema: Picture’ IBC session.

With an aim to become the “Netflix of VR,” Jaunt plans to launch a VR content app towards yearend to provide content to owners of new and emerging VR headsets. The business model for the start-up, which has raised $34 million,also includes some “original programme creation, as well as technology development, according to founder and CTO Arthur van Hoff.

Jaunt’s prototype Neo VR camera was unwrapped in public for the first time this week at IBC.

“VR is here. We have a new medium with infinite potential,” said Steve Schklair, founder of VR production company 3MERSIV (made up of the folks behind 3Ality). “But the [storytelling] language is being developed.”

“VR production is easy if you don’t care about quality,” added Arthur van Hoff, Jaunt CTO and founder. “We’re working on high production value content. We’ve built a system with cameras, editing tools and distribution.”

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