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VR ped and head

The combination of Shotoku’s lightweight two-stage pneumatic TP-200VR pedestal and high-resolution SX-300 VR head is claimed to offer a new virtual reality tracking system ‘without compromise in accuracy or ease of operation’.

The combination offers light-touch control and robust stability, together with highly accurate pan, tilt, zoom, focus, X, Y and height data output that should keep the VR graphics system precisely synchronised to the camera’s floor position, orientation and height. It uses fast, simple referencing using an origin sheet on the studio floor, with unlimited X-Y tracking area, RS422 serial data output and industry-standard data protocols.

“Shotoku has many years of experience in the design, development and support of high-performance VR tracking systems,” said James Eddershaw, sales director, Shotoku. “As a result, we have a deep understanding of the unique demands of VR production. Tracking systems must be precise, but also highly reliable, simple to use, and with full broadcast-quality operation at all times. The TP-200/300VR system meets all these challenging demands.”