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Vortex Communications: Everyone wants greater Access

The Comrex Access IP codec for live audio, offering low-delay connections over 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and satellite, has been upgraded to support new audio coding algorithms, including Opus and now incorporates Net Manager-II, which brings dual-streaming technology (as seen in the HD Video LiveShot codec) to provide even more robust connectivity, especially with smartphones and other dual-stream codecs.

It allows outside broadcasts to be conducted from almost anywhere, particularly when used with the V3X Intelligent 3G Antenna, which locks onto the cellular network with the best data throughput even if it is many km distant. This has meant Access has been in huge demand this summer in the UK for Vortex’s Hire Division. “Everything was going well until we realised that there was a crunch weekend on 5/6 July. The units that had been at Glastonbury were not going to be back in time (with or without the mud), the World Cup codecs in Brazil were still doing their stuff with the final still a week away – and then in Yorkshire, the Tour de France arrived for ‘The Grand Départ’, the same weekend as the British Grand Prix was being held at Silverstone and the Wimbledon finals were taking place. Extra codecs were suddenly needed,” said Vortex sales engineer, Doug Yeaman.

It needed more codecs, “but we also did not want to have a load of ‘not new’ codecs left after everyone came home, so knowing how eager Community and Hospital Stations are to have ex-demo equipment at a discounted price, we started offering ‘previously-enjoyed’ codecs to those stations,” and quite a number were interested, added Vortex director, Ian Prowse, who committed to many more Access codecs for its hire stock, all of which found new homes following the Commonwealth Games.