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Volicon: New applications for Observer

For the first time in Europe, Volicon is demonstrating five new applications within the company’s Observer Media Intelligence Platform.

The new Capture application allows broadcasters to capture media from any source at any time, ingesting media either according to a schedule, in realtime, and/or 24/7 recording. It also lets the user review content as it is captured; and it creates a low-resolution proxy along with the True HD recording.

The second new app, Share, was created to allow the broadcaster to repurpose existing content quickly and subsequently push it to digital platforms and social media sites. Share also makes use of existing closed captioning text to publish content that is compliant with government regulations.

The new Review application was created to provide broadcasters, networks, and playout service providers with a fast way to review on-air content, validating ad placement and performing competitive analysis.

Volicon’s Comply application enables users to record, clip, and export their broadcasts to meet regulatory and licensing requirements, ranging from decency to closed captioning to loudness.

Lastly, the new Monitor application allows users to monitor video quality, respond to fault reports, and use a full recording of the on-air broadcast for instant review of errors and their impact. It also provides an integrated multiviewer feature that enables Observer Media Intelligence Platform users to use their standard displays as multiviewers.