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Vocas Systems: Matte boxes on a plate

Two new matte boxes have been released by Vocas. The MB-435 and MB-455 are based on the existing MB-430 and MB-450 respectively, but both now have the same maximum lens diameter of 143mm, while step down adapter rings allow them to be used on smaller lenses as well. Accessories for them include side flags, 15mm (Studio and Lightweight) brackets, 19mm brackets and swing-away options.

The MB-435 has two 4×4 and 4×5.65 combo filter frames, one rotatable, has a third fixed 4×5.65 filter compartment in the hood, and weighs 600 grams

The MB-455 is Vocas’ biggest matte box, and has two fully rotatable 5.65×5.65 filter trays as well as one fixed 4×5.65 tray. It also has a rigid compartment in front that can house either a matte, a fourth filter frame or Vocas’ new, patented tilt filter unit.

Also new is the Vocas universal cage system, which allows the use of a top handgrip and top bars on almost every camera. It can be mounted directly to the Vocas USBP rosettes or on 15mm rails using an additional bracket. Optional top bars allow mounting a viewfinder, monitor, microphone, etc.