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VMXpress IP launched to connect studios

VMXpress IP is being launched at IBC2015, aiming to extend GatesAir networking architectures into an interoperable AoIP environment.

VMXpress IP is an AES67-compliant audio and logic device that establishes a standards-based AoIP gateway for radio studios. Leveraging the non-proprietary nature of ALC NetworX’s Ravenna networking technology, VMXpress IP enables interoperability across a studio and signal transport architecture.

VMXpress IP evolves the networking architecture of GatesAir audio distribution and consoles, integrating with existing and emerging AES67-compliant devices to help broadcasters build the optimal connected studio facility, said the company. The company said it simplifies connectivity with audio processors, satellite receivers, phone systems and studio support equipment, including program delays, among other key systems. With GatesAir’s existing network-based, minimally-wired studio networking architecture at the core, Ravenna’s networking technology fortifies the overall infrastructure through low-latency distribution and full signal transparency.

Beyond the studio, VMXpress IP extends networking to leading IP transport solutions, including GatesAir Intraplex IP Link codecs, for low-latency audio contribution and distribution. This expands connectivity to transmitter facilities (STL), live remote broadcast sites, and the internet for streaming content to other studios and the web.