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Visual Radio friends social media

A tight connection between Visual Radio and social media can help broadcasters engage online audiences, according to Multicam Systems. The company is demonstrating enhanced social media capabilities in its automated Multicam Radio system.

New social media ingest and filtering features simplify social media moderation. Rather than displaying a continuous feed of all posts, operators now have full control of which tweets and Facebook comments to show. Operators can immediately filter and move approved content into the display queue, and quickly overlay graphic scenes.

Beyond operational benefits for broadcasters, improved social media integration also has experiential benefits for viewers, said the company.

Stan Walbert, CEO, Multicam Systems, said: “Visual Radio is all about engaging the audience in a broader way. Terrestrial radio remains a strong medium worldwide, and as broadcasters build onto their traditional audiences with strong online and mobile programming, social media is without a doubt a significant part of the visual element.

Our new toolset makes it easier for broadcasters to moderate and deliver an engaging social media platform, while audience interaction is amplified through the ability to share video content and provide input across the social network.”

Multicam Radio integrates with audio consoles and automation systems for video acquisition, mixing and playout, with fully automated, semi-automated and manual operation options.