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Vislink: SatCom partnership moves forward

The next step in its partnership with ND SatCom, the satellite communications supplier, has been announced by Vislink. ND SatCom’s SKYWAN 5G modem can now be specified for order as part of Vislink’s full Advent range. Vislink equipment integrated with the SKYWAN 5G modem is ready to ship and initial orders are already being filled.

Vislink’s partnership with ND SatCom has resulted in the ADM5100, a new half rack multi-functional encoder that’s paired with ND SatCom’s MF-TDMA SKYWAN 5G modem. As an all-in-one device with a wide range of IP support, the SKYWAN 5G is said to be optimally suited for use with any network topology and to offer a greater range of flexibility to the VSAT world, providing broadcasters with enhanced efficiency when transmitting compressed video across all-IP networks.

Additionally, the SKYWAN 5G is available as an integrated option for Vislink’s MSAT range of portable and lightweight satellite data terminals. The MSAT is designed for one-man operation in challenging environments or rough terrain, where a full satellite system cannot be deployed but there is still a need for high bandwidth connectivity. Vislink says that ND SatCom’s modem, which features an integrated DVB-S2 receiver, is capable of achieving the significant data rates required to meet ever-changing demands from the broadcast industry.

“The agreement with ND SatCom has let Vislink offer the SKYWAN 5G modem across the company’s full range of broadcast solutions,” said Ashley Dove, general manager at Vislink. “The partnership will also result in further joint development later down the line, and Vislink’s technology will be integrated into ND SatCom’s hardware in the future.”