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Vislink: Newswift HD 240 is best on three axes

The Newswift HD 240 fully integrated antenna has been independently certified as the most robust vehicle-mounted system in its class, according to Vislink.

To meet independent certification requirements, Vislink says that it has enhanced the structural efficiency of its NewSwift product range. The NewSwift HD 240 antenna can now support an increased maximum operational wind speed of 75kph, and up to 180kph when collapsed. Despite the improved outer shell, the Newswift is still smaller than previous iterations when stowed away, requiring just 70cm of headroom, and is capable of being mounted onto a wider range of SNG vehicles than before.

The NewSwift HD 240 antenna is already the lightest system of its kind, Vislink claims, but the latest version benefits from better load distribution when mounted to ensure smooth motorised operation across all three axes. The NewSwift is also said to be highly customisable and lightweight, made available as either a single or three piece carbon fibre reflector, and can be specified to include auto-acquisition and auto-tracking capabilities to maintain a data link while on the move.

“The Newswift HD 240 antenna was initially developed to meet growing demand from the Africa, APAC and Americas regions for a larger vehicle-mounted broadcast system,” said Ali Zarkesh, product development director at Vislink. “We have listened to our customers’ needs since the initial launch and enhanced the NewSwift range to create a more robust 2.4m antenna with better support for different SNG vehicles around the world.”