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Virtualising audio tools

The broadcast audio company is demonstrating the flexibility and scalability of audio-over-IP with virtual tools for its WheatNet-IP audio network, including its LXE customisable IP console.

The LXE is a completely reconfigurable audio console. Instead of mapping switches, buttons and knobs to a particular function that can never be changed, the LXE’s surface controls are completely programmable – and continually
re-programmable – through a GUI. Any button anywhere on the surface can be programmed at any time for talkback, cue, start/stop or any of myriad other functions, and can be tied to different elements available on the WheatNet-IP audio network.

The LXE’s adaptable architecture also provides more dynamic networking between separate LXE fader banks in a split configuration, so that talent working together from separate banks can collaborate in real time using the same sources and feeds.