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Virtual hardware probe launched

The newly-launched VB330V is described by Bridge Technologies as a virtual counterpart to the VB330 hardware probe for core networks. Like the VB330, the VB330V is designed for high-traffic monitoring but the VB330V operates on any standard high-performance server blade.

With the same feature set and capabilities, the VB330 and VB330V can be mixed and matched to achieve the most convenient configuration, depending on the user’s requirements. The VB330V has been developed for data centre deployment, where Bridge says it can be installed almost instantly on standard blade servers to allow rapid scaling of capacity, appearing identical to any hardware VB330s installed at other points in the network – for example at a point of presence (POP). The virtual VB330V is addressable by the Bridge Technologies VBC central controller-server in exactly the same way as the hardware probe, and through its Eii (External Integration Interface) can be integrated with third-party management and data systems.

Simen Frostad, chairman of Bridge Technologies, said, “Being a hardware manufacturer gives you total control over the design and performance of the box, but we always think outside the box too. Virtualisation of the VB330 functionality for data centre applications provides the best of both worlds, spanning the requirements of operators in the IP and broadcast domains.”

Designed for extremely high-density applications at points of maximum data throughput in today’s core networks, the VB330 and VB330V are said to offer telcos, network operators and digital media organisations a monitoring solution with the potential for scaling to match any level of traffic, and delivering monitoring and analytics of thousands of streams and a multitude of technologies in real time and in parallel.