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Vinten Radamec: Elevation for studio robotics

Vinten Radamec has introduced two new height drives, or elevation units, for on-air use. The Fusion FE-165 will take heavier heads (like Vinten Radamec’s Fusion FHR-145) for large studio cameras and payloads (up to 75kg), while the FE-55 can take up to 25kg, and suits the FHR-35 head. The high-rising FE-165 goes up to 2m (plus head), while the FE-55 rises to 1.8m.

“A lot of the applications for this are in small studios, where presenters often stand,” said Karen Walker, Vinten Radamec’s product director. They are designed for movement on air, to offer very dynamic shots. Although they can change height very quickly, “for on air use they can be very slow, synchronised with the camera head”, and will ramp up and down, she explained.

They use standard IP for control via Ethernet, and are virtual reality ready, outputting full tracking data (pan, tilt, zoom, focus and elevation). The pedestals will both easily fit through standard doorways, and will be available in October costing about £9,000 for the FE-55 and £18,000 for the FE-165.