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Vidigo: Advancing live automation

Three workflows for news, visual radio and sports arenas are based on VidiGo’s multi-camera live production suite VidiGo Live. On top of VidiGo Live, it has built three separate automation layers tailored for specific markets.

The latest development of VidiGo, Arena Solutions, is a complete workflow for stadium screen broadcasting that could be operated by one person. All events such as announcements, interactive audience games, goals, commercials, substitutes and reruns are configurable elements in the application, which VidiGo said means that events can effectively be ‘scripted’ in pre-production. Based on templates the creative staff could create graphics, add commercials, audio, photos and other elements.

The Studio Automation workflow is an all-in-one live production and automation environment that allows broadcasters to automate their live news production. The automation tool, Live Assist, lets broadcasters create rundowns for their show, consisting of camera input, videos, graphics, audio, transitions, DVE effects, keying and presets. Integration with newsroom systems ensures Live Assist is automatically filled with items such as video, titles and camera positions from the newsroom system.

VidiGo reported that Visual Radio was developed to allow radio stations to create TV shows from their radio studio. “The audio director analyses the radio show and automatically switches cameras, like a real director would do. Due to integration with the radio automation system, video clips, video commercials, video jingles, social media and realtime data from RSS and XML are automatically played,” the company explained.