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VideoFlow: Italian broadcaster adopts DVP

Italian religious broadcaster Teleradio Padre Pio has replaced its satellite-based backup links with VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) technology.

The newly installed DVP set-up allows Teleradio Padre Pio to submit live content via the internet rather than uplink it, a move that is said to have reduced annual connection costs by around a tenth.

Nicola Palazzo, the managing director of Italian system integrator PSE, which maintains and services the uplink and distribution system for Teleradio Padre Pio, said: “We have been working closely with VideoFlow’s Italian distributor, Diem Technologies, testing and evaluating how effective and robust the technology is in real world conditions where the quality of the network connection can vary. It passed every test.”

Teleradio Padre Pio content is generated in the company’s studios in San Giovanni Rotondo in Southern Italy and then sent to Telespazio dish farm in Avezzano some 500 km to the West where it is moved on to a satellite for distribution across Europe.

The connection between San Giovanni Rotondo and Avezzano uses a dedicated fibre connection that is now backed up by VideoFlow technology, with a pair of VideoFlow DVP10s linked by a 2 megabytes per second internet connection.
VideoFlow’s patent pending technology opens the internet for delivering content by ensuring that no packet is lost and nullifies the jitter caused by transiting the internet.