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Video 18 fluid head gets major upgrade

The new Video 18 S2 is an upgrade for Sachtler’s bestselling fluid head. It can now take a payload of up to 20kg, 4kg more than the Video 18 S1. The head has more control, so that users can still go down to the minimum 2kg drag setting for use with small cameras. The company claims the Video 18 S2 is the only head in its class that can operate at -40º to +60º centigrade without any impact on its smooth operation.

Other features include Sachtler’s Touch & Go plate, a parking position for spare camera screws, and an illuminated spirit level. It also offers 16-step (+ boost button) Speedbalance technology for swift weight compensation, seven steps of drag, and the SpeedLevel Clamp that replaces the traditional tie down on a tripod with a simple push and release mechanism.

Tobias Keuthen, senior product marketing manager, Sachtler, said: “The Video 18 S2 is the best of both worlds for news and documentary film crews. Every microscopic feature has been heightened for their tough, day-to-day challenges, so it doesn’t matter if it’s thrown into the back of a news truck every day or burrowed into the mud. We understand that our users work on a range of projects with different equipment, so this upgrade is meant to acclimate to light and heavy rigs without compromising the integrity and quality of the gear.”