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Vest choice for tactical audio

The new Audio Tactical Vest from Portabrace is claimed to be ‘a first-of-its-kind product’ that combines both an audio harness and audio bag in to one cohesive military-style tactical vest.

The ATV’s lightweight, streamlined design provides users with improved stability, as the vest grips the body, providing better support and weight distribution, which should allow users to move more rapidly and freely on location.

There are custom fit models for different mixers, such as the Sound Devices 633 and 688, the Zaxcom Maxx, and the Zoom F8 (coming soon). Combined with dual wireless systems, this will create lightweight, compact rigs capable of recording multiple tracks on the run, making it particularly suitable for ENG or fast-paced reality or documentary production.

Portabrace now has more than 50 products with off-road wheels in its latest line-up, which it claims is more than any other broadcast manufacturer, including wheeled backpacks, c-stand cases, and Rig cases for carrying fully assembled camera rigs.

Its off-road wheel systems use durable solid-steel axles and solid rubber tires with off-road tire treads. The wheels have ball bearings for smoother rolling, and are able to roll over almost any surface.

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