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Venera Technologies:

Making its debut at IBC is Venera Technologies’ new Pulsar PPU (pay-per-use) QC software, which the company describes as a secure, cloud-based option with the QC functions of its flagship Pulsar automated file-based QC system.

Venera asserted that with no need to install additional network infrastructure, Pulsar PPU “can perform integrated QC across content types and stages in the workflow, reducing dependency on specialised skills and using existing resources more efficiently.”

The company offers a range of QC options for different budgets and operational scales, including the Pulsar Basic, another edition of Pulsar at IBC with “many of the core audio/video analysis capabilities of the main Pulsar,” but recommended for organisations that work with a limited content volume and budget for QC tools but still prefer to make an upfront investment in a QC tool for their file-based workflows.

Venera is also highlighting three new enhancements to Pulsar. This includes Harding PSE (photosensitive epilepsy) analysis, allowing users to apply the Harding FPA (flash and pattern analyser) implementation to verify that their content is compliant with Ofcom or JAPAN NAB 2006 regulations; the ability to analyse VoD content directly using the HTTP URL of their adaptive bit rate asset; and Digital Production Partnership compliance.

“Pulsar now makes advanced QC available to every organisation, whatever its content volume or budget. We believe that the product enhancements and new systems will help to eliminate financial barriers to the use of QC tools and, in turn, speed the industry’s adoption of file-based QC,” said Vikas Singhal, co-founder and executive director of business development at Venera.