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Variable camera rig weighs in

The flexible new Vario 5 camera support system from Easyrig can carry a load range of 5-17kg using a new adjustable tension system.

German cameraman Franz Lustig works with many different camera/lens combinations, and likes the V5’s ability to easily adapt to different weights and positions. “What I love as well about the Vario 5 is that the arm really stays close to your vest, which is important to protect your back. It is a bit heavier than the Easyrig Cinema 2.5 or 3, but therefore you gain a lot of flexibility.”

The unit “is heavier, but with [the Easyrig] Gimbal Rig vest this is not a problem at all. It is very comfortable and the weight I do not notice. I love the Gimbal Rig vest. So much more support and comfort,” said another Vario 5 tester, New Zealand cinematographer David Paul.

He feels that the Vario 5, which shifts the camera’s mass to the hips, is best suited to gimbal users or productions where the camera weight varies a lot, whereas documentary shooters might find the weight and slightly increased bulk of the V5 “a slight hindrance.”

Dutch cameraman Stijn Brinkmann agreed. Although he liked the Vario 5’s solidity and ease of set up: “I would rather buy the Cinema 3, because of the weight and price, [but] for rental companies and cameramen that change camera a lot [the V5] is a great solution.”

“It was easy to operate and I love the fact it can handle the weight of several cameras just by adjusting the tension on the back,” added US cameraman Brad White. “I noticed it was a little heavy, but once I started to use it the weight was not an issue.”