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Vantage sees 10K milestone achieved

This summer, Telestream launched version 7 of its flagship media processing and workflow automation platform, Vantage. Six years after its initial release, it has also revealed that it has issued its 10,000th licence for
Vantage services.

Among the new features found within Vantage 7 is Adaptive Bitrate Optimisation. Telestream contends that a file that encodes at 10Mbps for its highest quality can deliver some scenes at 2Mbps to 5Mbps. That might lead to a 30-40 per cent reduction in the total payload, which translates directly into a reduction in cost. The company added that there’s no need for any change in the player.

Paul Turner, vice president of enterprise product management, Telestream, asserted: “[It] could reduce the cost of delivering content OTT. When you deliver your movie or programme via the internet you pay a CDN for every bit you deliver to every set of eyeballs. The more popular it is, the more it costs you, and the better the quality, the more it costs you.

Telestream’s Vantage ABR Optimise will enable them to make up to 30-40 per cent savings on delivery costs without reducing the quality that their viewers experience.

“However you want to watch the content, your player takes the highest bitrate provided according to the bandwidth you have available. That’s Adaptive Bit Rate working,” he continued. “But all video is not consistent. Some elements of every programme will be very simple visually and easy to encode.

On these parts we can achieve the highest perceived quality at lower bitrates by examining every frame and modifying the file manifest.”

“So in situations where customers own the network infrastructure they can serve more viewers with no added network investment,” Turner concluded.