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V-Nova cracks EE with 4K

Compression technology company V-Nova has trialled UHD transmissions over EE’s network in the UK. EE is the UK’s largest mobile operator, and V-Nova’s Perseus-branded solution undertook a “highly successful” trial of Ultra HD at 6 Mb/s.

“EE and V-Nova tested the boundaries of mobile video and showed how building in Perseus video compression technology to the EE 4G network enables high quality video streaming at a significantly reduced bitrate,” said a joint statement released at IBC.

Matt Stagg, head of video strategy at EE, said: “We have built in a massive amount of capacity to our network because we know that our customers are demanding more and more video – it’s growing at a phenomenal rate.

As well as adding more bandwidth, we’re looking at intelligent, cost-effective ways of delivering video more efficiently, and more reliably in challenging environments such as densely populated urban areas and high speed travel in a car or on a train.”

EE’s Matt Stagg and V-Nova’s Eric Achtmann are among the panellists on a special IBC session ‘Breaking the Codec’ in the Forum at 16:45 on Sunday.