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Up-converters are the focus

Having delivered over 200 Ka tri-band up-converter units to various customers around the world, L3 Narda-MITEQ is showcasing them on its IBC stand. Also on display are the UPC2 uplink power control unit, 1/3rd rack block converters in a 1:1 redundant configuration, a LNA with a fibre optic output, as well as the full line of Narda safety equipment.

The outdoor weather-sealed units provide frequency conversion from L band signals to Ka band. With the company’s tri-band units, three frequency bands are up-converted, amplified and transmitted to the satellite.

L3 Narda-MITEQ provides frequency up and down converters, test translators, switchover systems, amplifier systems, equalisers, fibre optic links, uplink power controllers and custom satcom solutions.

The UPC2 uplink power control unit is a rack-mountable unit, designed to adjust the strength of uplink signals to compensate for varying weather conditions; it can control up to ten uplink channels. Attenuator channels are available for L band or 70/140MHz IF frequencies.

The UPC2 can adjust up to 30dB of uplink power correction for each channel and can be set up completely from the front panel or over a remote bus via a host computer.