Unveiling of 12G fibre transport solutions

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Bringing the simplicity of 12Gbps connectivity to the company’s fibre transport systems is MultiDyne, with its new SilverBack 12G camera-mounted transceivers, and FiberSaver 12G optical remapper/multiplexers.

The addition of 12G support to MultiDyne’s fibre solutions enables 4K video to be transported over a single connection, simplifying infrastructures, reducing cabling requirements and speeding equipment set-up and strike, said the company. It also provides users with denser signal capacity, greater connection flexibility and stronger compatibility with the growing array of 12G-enabled cameras and production gear.

SilverBack-12G provides a full-bandwidth fibre optic link between any camera and a production truck or control room. SilverBack-12G puts all of the signals needed for multi-camera production – including 12Gb/s, 3Gb/s or 1.5Gb/s video, audio, intercom, camera control, tally, data and more – onto a single tactical or SMPTE hybrid fibre cable for robust connectivity even across long distances.

The new SilverBack-12G series incorporates all of the features of earlier SilverBack models, including operator-friendly ergonomics and full-sized BNC connectors for easy interfacing.

The FiberSaver-12G rackmount model accepts up to 36 optical signals for transport over two fibre cables, while 5-inch square portable models offer six or 12 channels. In addition to 12Gbps signals, FiberSaver-12G units are also compatible with 3Gbps and 1.5Gbps inputs for maximum flexibility.