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UHD lenses given a sporting chance

Two new high-performance 2/3-inch lenses that are claimed to surpass even 4K resolution have been launched by Canon. The UHD Digisuper 90 (UJ90x9B) and UHD Digisuper 86 (UJ86x9.3B) join the new CJ12ex4.3B wide-angle lens in Canon’s range of 2/3-inch Ultra HD lenses.

The 86x (focal range 9.3-800mm) and 90x (9-810mm) lenses offer improved resolution from the image centre to the edges, at both telephoto and wide angle, thanks to advanced optical construction, an increased use of fluorite and UD glass, and appropriate coatings. This is claimed to result in “exceptional control over ghosting and flare with sharp, high contrast images supporting a large number of tones”.

Both also have a built-in 2x extender to double the telephoto power, while maintaining 4K resolution, and have a minimum object distance of 3m. To track moving subjects at sports matches and events they have optical image stabilisation, including compensation for swing-back.

Canon Europe 11.E50