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TV in the cloud

Live demos of IPTV and web-TV specialist Zattoo’s content discovery features can be found in the IBC Content Everywhere zone.

The company, which said it already has a number of B2B partners under its belt, supports operators by helping them to attract new customers and monetise their services more efficiently.

Zattoo offers fully hosted and managed B2B TV solutions for network operators, ISPs and broadcasters. The services include multiscreen IPTV services both for the first screen (with an IP set-top box) and for mobile TV or web TV (iOS, Android, Windows 8).

Zattoo’s B2B customers include industry players from Switzerland, Germany and several other European countries. For these customers, many of which are network operators, Zattoo provides a white-label TV-as-a-service solution that removes the need for operators to invest in software or hardware.

The services and applications are branded and customised for each B2B customer.

Network operators are thus able to minimise their investment risk and increase their options for launching IPTV offerings under their own brand in only a few months, according to the company.