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Turning Dutch

Total Dutch is a new patent concept for enabling 360° Dutch rotation in nodal mode, adding a third axis of lateral rotation to any classic pan-and-tilt head. The new flat-base head design can be used to create virtually any Dutch angle composition, and builds on the standard set in 2000 by the Cartoni Dutch head.

The Total Dutch head weighs less than 10.5kg, has continuous fluid drag and can be mounted on any existing heavy-duty pan-and-tilt head. It provides nodal settings to any camera package weighing up to 25kg. The rotation is driven by a steering wheel, which has a hole in the centre to channel cables. It comes with a camera plate and counterweight.

Also new is the Lambda 25 3rd Axis, the latest accessory for Cartoni’s Lambda 25 head. It boasts an innovative design allowing operators to perform complete 360° rotation on a third axis. Offering a nodal setting on three axes, it is ideal for shooting underslung off a jib arm, for dolly shots, or on a crane or slider.