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Trimaran: Managing live GPS data and VR

French computer graphics studio Trimaran is showcasing its Georacing sporting product. Georacing is a live coverage system for outdoor sport events, which allows the management of GPS data and the production of virtual timing, ghost visualisation, virtual reality and ranking.

The system can be used for rallying, sailing, gliding, rowing, jet ski competitions and the company is continuously developing its reach into other sports.

Georacing is compatible with a range of devices including TV sets, large screens, PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones, with apps for the broadcast (HD-SDI) and digital markets. It was used during the last WRC Rallye de France/Alsace live on Canal+.

Trimaran is also showing its Shoot3D solution to manage live graphics for elections, with a 3D software engine running on standard PCs.

During the 2012 presidential and legislatives elections, it was used by France Televisons to produce all graphics for its 36 channels: France 2, France 3, the 25 regional networks as well as the nine overseas territories of France O.