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transPorters are camera bags reinvented

The camRade transPorter bags offer a new more flexible style with a large number of pockets and accessory pouches, which the company claims reinvents the camera bag.

Initially there will be two camRade transPorter bags. The Medium bag has an interior length of 45cm, for compact camcorders, such as Canon’s XF205, JVC’s GY-HM170/200, Panasonic’s AG-AC30, Sony’s PXW-Z150, and all DSLR cameras.

The transPorter Large is for cameras up to 52cm long, such as Canon’s XF305; JVC’s GY-HM660, Panasonic’s AG-HPX250, Sony’s PMW-200, and all other camcorders with a flip-up screen.

René van der Reiden, international sales manager, Aspectra, said: “These days a lot of camera manufacturers cut out included accessories, and the user needs to purchase these items separately.

We saw the opportunity to develop a safe storing solution for both options.”

The result is a compact, lightweight bag that van der Reiden, claimed is “very strong and flexible in use”.

The Cordura bag includes a comfortable padded shoulder strap and suede handles, while a cinch strap in the main compartment keeps the camera secured during transport.

The bottom of the bag has a protective plate, covered by a waterproof non-slip cover. A variety of differently sized pockets offer easy access, as do two removable dividers.

The bag is supplied with three accessory protection items: a pouch to store an extra lens, a cover for the lens and hood on the camera, and a pouch to store small items such as cables.

The items can be secured inside the bag but can also be used separately, for greater flexibility. The bags’ triangular shape means they are easy to fold for storage, to take less space when not in use.