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GatesAir: Transmitters aim for all-round efficiency

Based on transformational PowerSmart 3D architecture, the new Maxiva TV and DAB radio transmitters are being introduced for over-the-air broadcasters across the UHF and VHF spectrum.

GatesAir’s Maxiva UHF series comprises of the ULXT liquid-cooled model, for medium-to-high power broadcasts, and the UAXT air-cooled model for low-to-medium power requirements. The broadband amplifier design increases power density in both models, reducing transmitter footprints and rack space requirements by up to 75%, said the company. GatesAir said this design also simplifies maintenance, as it offers modularity, lighter weights and fewer parts.

The designs of the Maxiva ULXT and UAXT enhance energy efficiencies to reduce carbon footprint and lower operating costs, claiming possible annual power savings of over 50% for over-the-air broadcasters.

On show is its Maxiva VAX air-cooled VHF transmitter, built on the same PowerSmart 3D architecture and delivering similar operational efficiencies The VAX covers mostly low-to-medium power VHF requirements, and is aimed at broadcasters operating large networks from space-challenged facilities, or local broadcasters filling in coverage gaps across expansive regions. For radio broadcasters, the Maxiva VAX can be used for DAB radio networks, with advanced inputs including Encapsulation of DAB Interfaces (EDI) to support signal distribution over IP networks.