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T&M in the hand

The MT2000 Multichannel Bitstream Analyser is making its European debut at IBC2015.

Featuring a full suite of test capabilities in a handheld form factor, the MT2000 allows engineers to analyse and troubleshoot digital audio paths quickly, inside or outside a facility. Linear Acoustic said it is ideal for a variety of testing applications, including broadcast, cable, satellite and home theatre.

Tim Carroll, CTO, Telos Alliance, said, “The Linear Acoustic MT2000 Multichannel Bitstream Analyser is the next-generation in PCM and Dolby- encoded audio analysis and generation. It is an efficient tool for end-to-end system testing and is ideal as a replacement for the original Dolby DM100.”

This portable diagnostic tool provides stream composition and input envelope information, identification of the input video format and frame rate, and audio stream analysis, as well as error detection at the AES3 layer. Users can employ it for both two-channel and multichannel PCM and Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby E monitoring and analysis.

The MT2000 can also analyse SMPTE 337 formatting, measure Dolby E guard band and line position, and display all the metadata contained in a Dolby formatted bitstream. In support of ATSC A/85 (CALM) and EBU R128 recommendations, it also includes comprehensive ITU-R BS.1770-1/2/3 loudness measurement capabilities with user selectable Dolby Dialog Intelligence.

A bright OLED display on the MT2000 provides a status update at a glance, while a combination jog wheel and navigation joystick provides complete control.