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Timecode Systems: New timecode and metadata hub

The next generation of timecode technology is, according to Timecode Systems, the :pulse, a compact, multi-functional timecode and metadata hub. The :pulse has been unveiled for the first time at IBC2014.

Within :pulse’s compact and robust aluminium case lies timecode and metadata technology offering a single box solution to streamlining production workflows.

Users can operate :pulse to generate Timecode Buddy’s signature brand of accurate timecode and gunlock, said the company.

It also provides the ability to sync with zero drift via a long- range robust RF transceiver, as well as use integrated Wi-Fi to share all of this information on the Timecode Buddy app, MovieSlate app and Adobe LiveLogger app.

The :pulse has a built in Ethernet and Wi-Fi bridge plus a two-port Ethernet switch, so users can attach two network-enabled cameras to one unit (particularly relevant for 3D rigs). It has also been designed to support the latest camera protocols including LANC, USB and a serial communications port.

“The :pulse has initially been designed to be the perfect partner for an Arri Alexa,” said Paul Scurrell, managing director of Timecode Systems. “Used in conjunction with the MovieSlate iOS app with the Arri Alexa plug-in, our newest Buddy gives users full wireless camera control and status monitoring, access to full metadata and lens motor control conveniently from an iPad.”