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Thomson Video Networks: Launching ‘Behind Every Screen’

A new strategy for streamlined broadcast and multiscreen video delivery has been unveiled by the company.

‘Behind Every Screen’ is described as a unified and intelligent video delivery approach that combines on-premises and cloud-based resources to support broadcast and multiscreen services. It brings together ingest, branding, ad insertion, encoding/transcoding and packaging technologies to provide a complete video infrastructure to broadcasters for profitable and convergent multiplatform video delivery.

Central to ‘Behind Every Screen’ are the company’s compression solutions and the MediaFlex unified service operation and management software suite. MediaFlex facilitates overall service configuration, scheduling and monitoring. This enables a simplified operation in which branding and compression resources can be allocated based on priorities for deployment speed, video quality requirements, bandwidth optimisation and content customisation.

“Previously, our customers had to make the trade-off between encoding performance (affecting video quality), cost per channel (affecting density), and capex versus opex regarding cloud solutions,” said Christophe Delahousse, president, Thomson Video Networks. “With ‘Behind Every Screen’, they no longer have to compromise on video quality and density and they’re able to choose the mix of cloud or on-premises technologies that is most appropriate for a given project or service.”