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There’s no place like dome

Igloo Vision, UK makers of immersive and 360° screen technology, are offering what they say is the world’s first 360° 8K monitoring system.

In the IBC Future Zone, Igloo is projecting the 8K video inside one of its signature projection domes (or igloos). The projection allows content creators to view and work with 360° content without having to wear VR headsets. The wrap around screen also gives production teams the opportunity to work collaboratively on immersive content, just as a team would on any dubbing stage or screening room. The dome is also being shown with a 5.1 surround system.

At its booth, Igloo is live-streaming 360° 8K content from a miniEYE 360° camera rig. NewTek’s NDI plug-in for Adobe Creative Cloud is being used for the sending of full-resolution, real-time video across the network.

“People need to work on content collaboratively,” said Igloo Vision MD and founder Colin Yellowley. “We’re showing how this can work within a VR production.

In the booth we’ve got an edit suite and can edit on the monitor. With 360° and VR filming, you can’t have anyone on set, because once you have the camera up, everyone’s in shot, so it’s also a great remote monitor solution.

“The dome can also be used for viewing dailies and rushes. If you have an editor editing a 360° film with a VR headset on, he can’t even see his own equipment, let alone see the director.”

Igloo Vision’s domes are portable and can easily be set up on location. Yellowley said it takes two people about four hours to put together the dome currently on display.

Igloo has also built a 360° cylindrical video display for the Nokia stand, which is demoing high resolution, high frame rate 360° content.

8.F12/Future Zone