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Thematic universes and branded stores

New customisation features are now available for the 3Ready rapid-launch multiscreen solution, which enable the creation of branded stores and ‘thematic universes’.

The brand-centric features aim to deliver extra commercial and marketing opportunities for service providers and a better viewing experience for subscribers.

Service providers can develop theme-based service bouquets, offering packages to specific audience groups, with a look and feel that can be customised by featuring channel brands or unique avatars invented by the provider.

Marketing theme-grouped offers enhances discoverability by the user, while yielding new revenue generation opportunities for the operator.

A branded, immersive portal-style environment can be created, in which the 3Ready UI displays content options for any particular package. Thematic content collections based on mood, genre, specific actors or TV programmes can also be created by the service provider.

Virtual branded content stores can be created inside the apps. With multiple subscription support, operators can sell those stores as separate subscription offers as well.