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The unstoppable rise of online content

The launch of SkyQ in the UK earlier this year brought online video to the pay-TV operator’s linear TV subscribers for the first time. “Our target audience is late millennials, in the 25- to 35-year-old age bracket,” said Julia Barry, editorial director of On Demand for Sky in the UK, speaking at Friday’s session on rich content creation.

What criteria does Sky use to select which online video it will show to its viewers? “We look at what’s doing the numbers on the web, obviously, but we also look for quality content and new creators like Red Bull”, she described.

Sky is also talking to companies like The Qyou, which packages online content. “We focus on original creators who don’t necessarily get the internet traffic or know how to get that traffic,” indicated Scott Ehrlich, its CEO in the US.

The question still remains how to make money in the online world. “You can if you think multiple revenue streams and more laterally, like getting a brand to sponsor your show,” said Sam Barcroft, founder and CEO of UK production outfit Barcroft TV.

Ronald Horstmann, founder and MD of Studio 71 in Germany, which aggregates a network of online video creators, knows how different the rules are when you create video online.

“The attention span online is much shorter than on TV, it is only about eight seconds, so you have to very fast and to the point. We use jump cuts all the time and no 30-second intros.”