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The long view

Remote production specialist Mobile Viewpoint may have unveiled some of its latest products at IBC2017, but CEO Michel Bais expressed some frustration with the fact that much of the company’s time is spent on integration projects because many broadcasters still rely on legacy equipment for their remote production needs.

“We are in IP,” he said. “A lot of broadcasters still have their old equipment. Our R&D department spends more time on integration projects than on new features!”

There are signs that things are beginning to change as broadcasters start to spend more money on upgrading their equipment. And Bais remains enthusiastic about the future of his company’s products, which encompass portable and fixed encoding devices to enable fast and reliable video contribution, in combination with its LinkMatrix webplatform.

He pointed to the benefits that 5G mobile technology will bring, such as enabling the production of much smaller boxes at much lower costs. As an example, he pointed to the WMT NEO, which is the smallest member of the Link family providing HD SDI, H.265/HEVC encoding and four integrated modems.

Bais said this product currently costs €4,500, but in around 2019, when 5G devices are expected to become available, the price could be less than half this amount and the box half the size.