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Thank you for the music

Malmö Concert Hall is a new, state-of-the-art facility, situated in the centre of the redeveloped port area in Malmö, Sweden. The concert hall is the largest investment ever undertaken by Malmö Municipality, which naturally wanted the best acoustic system it could find.

AV technology consultancy Alf Berntsson/Artifon AB selected the Sony DWX digital wireless microphone system supplied by local firm Arva Trading, and on it’s show at IBC.

“When it came to choosing products and systems that can live up to expectations, we opted for Sony, a reliable supplier that we have been working with for many years and whose products are world-class,” said Ronny Sjöstrand, technical and project manager at Arva.

The system comprises 12 DWR-R02D dual channel digital wireless receivers, 16 DWT-B01 digital wireless belt-pack transmitters, 12 DWM-02 digital wireless handheld microphones, with DPA d:facto capsules, four AN-01 uni-directional UHF antennas and two RMU-01 remote controls for the digital wireless system.

“Malmö Live wanted an exceptional electroacoustic sound that was among the best in the world – a sound where the listener does not even notice the loudspeakers, and where the sound completely surrounds the listener and incorporates the full range,” added Sjöstrand. “The entire sound system, which was built with the Sony series in mind, has been created to the optimum level.”