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Leica Thalia lenses for larger format shooting

Nine new prime lenses with an image circle of 60mm diagonal, covering the Arri Alexa 65, VistaVision and Super 35 film and digital formats, have been introduced by Leica. The Thalia range is designed to offer a consistent look and feel across the focal lengths.

The lenses are: 24mm T3.6; 30mm T2.9; 35mm T2.6; 45mm T2.9; 55mm T2.8; 70mm T2.6; 100mm T2.2; 120mm T2.6; and 180mm T3.6. They are available in PL mount and offer /i Technology metadata contacts in the mount. The lenses maintain a 95mm front diameter and matched focus and iris ring locations for consistent accessory use.

For large-format lenses they are compact (124.5-175mm long) and fairly lightweight (1.06-1.6kg).

The iris design maintains a circular shape throughout the aperture range, offering smooth, round, character-full bokeh.

The spherical lenses are based on Leica S medium-format lenses with some significant optical and mechanical changes, including: increased image circle, new coatings, new iris design, 270° rotation cam focus mechanism, and entirely new mechanics and housings.

The 55mm lens is completely new.Like the earlier Summicron-C, Summilux-C and M 0.8 lenses, the Thalia range is claimed by the company to ‘interpret light and skin tones in ways that are both clear and flattering, particularly on modern digital sensors’.