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Testing UHD phase 2

Ultra HD developments are entering their next phase with a focus on HFR, HDR and next-generation audio technologies. In the Future Zone, French consortium 4EVER-2 is demonstrating its latest achievements in the evaluation of HFR including live HDR shooting, encoding and broadcasting.

Part of the demonstration includes the synchronisation of binaural sound to high-quality images to provide a fully immersive audiovisual experience.

“The 4EVER-2 project’s goal is to define, experiment and evaluate live and end-to-end UHD TV phase 2 workflows, to provide the best and most cost-effective quality of experience,” explained Christophe Daguet, research and development engineer at Orange.

“Because the benefit of 4K resolution is too low under normal TV viewing conditions, HDR and HFR technologies, both included in UHD TV Phase 2, are mandatory to provide a valuable quality improvement over current HDTV.

Paired with immersive audio technologies, UHD TV phase 2 will provide the highest quality of experience achievable today.”

4EVER-2 has worked on a number of HDR curves and has also studied backwards compatibility to non-HDR displays. HEVC encoding adaptation to the signals have also been taken into account.

“The Hybrid Log Gamma curve is a good candidate today for HDR, because it offers a compromise between HDR and non-HDR needs, for TV production but also for TV distribution,” said Daguet.

4EVER-2 is a French collaborative project with nine industrial and academic partners: Orange, AMP Visual TV, Ateme, France Télévisions, Globecast, Highlands Technologies Solutions, Insa Rennes, Teamcast and Telecom ParisTech.