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Telestream: New features for Vantage 6.3

Telestream is demoing the latest features of its Vantage version 6.3 platform for transcoding and file-based workflow automation. It is also showing how it aims to simplify the integration of the platform alongside systems from vendors such as Avid, Adobe and Apple.

Using Telestream’s Post Producer — a product that was introduced in 2013 and runs on the Vantage platform — Vantage 6.3 editors can design automated production templates in various editing systems, and then Post Producer will mass produce hundreds of customised outputs automatically.

In another development, Vantage 6.3 includes more transcoding format support. Full 4K support and HEVC encoding are now available in Vantage Transcode Multiscreen and Vantage Trancode IPTV VoD. In addition, XAVC decoding and ProRes 4444 encoding have been added to Vantage Transcode Pro.

Vantage is now able to read CSV files to automate submission of multiple jobs. It also includes a new proxy viewer for the web workflow portal, improving frame accuracy and adding features such as title safe guides, captioning, and hot key control (JKL-style).

Commented Paul Turner, VP of enterprise product management: “What you see from Telestream is a platform that represents several decades of investment and development, combined with a willingness to work with other leading technology vendors in the industry.”