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Teleport link with USEI Beam

Having successfully relocated the Yamal-300K satellite into the 183 degrees east orbital position, Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) has initiated a cooperation with US Electrodynamics (USEI) for teleport services.

Based in Washington state, USA, the USEI Brewster teleport has been operating since 1966, serving the US domestic market along with the South America and the Asia Pacific markets. It has pointed one of its 9m antennas towards the Yamal-300K to operate in the satellite’s Northern Beam 1, in support of one of the world biggest communication service providers in the aeronautic industry.

The Yamal-300K Northern Beam 1 covers part of Eastern Russia, the northern part of the Pacific Ocean and the western part of North America. GSS described this as a perfect communications services solution for the aeronautics and maritime sectors to meet the growing demand across these areas. With the joint effort between GSS and USEI, the company said that this will now allow GSS to meet both current and future service demands.

Dmitriy Sevastiyanov, director general, GSS, said, “We are happy that Gazprom Space Systems is entering the new geographical markets of the western hemisphere in cooperation with USEI. Provision of the high quality services from Brewster teleport based on Yamal-300K satellite capacity will allow us to expand the client base and benefit together.”

“So far, we have observed a shortage of Ku-band satellite capacity in the Pacific,” said David Grooms, USEI executive, business development. “The Yamal-300 footprint will give customers a new option for this bandwidth.”