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Telemetrics: Robo Eye makes its position clear

The new Robo Eye integrated HD pan/tilt/zoom camera from Telemetrics has a Sony Exmor 2.18-megapixel CMOS image sensor and 30x zoom lens, and boasts a signal-to-noise ratio of 50dB and sensitivity of F8 at 2000 lux.

It offers native 1920×1080 HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, plus SD composite video signals in NTSC and PAL. Gain set-up is automatic with a manual override, and up to 1,000 presets can be stored. It has servo motors for positioning, with stop accuracy of 0.005° and feedback accuracy of 0.000375°, and offers a pan/tilt velocity of 0.01 – 90° per second.

The unit is IP65 rated for indoor and outdoor use, and can be remotely controlled via its built-in web-server from a web-enabled device, via Ethernet or RS-232C/422. A USB port is also included.
“Robo Eye allows camera robotics systems to be designed and expanded with a high performance HD imaging solution that is specifically designed for professional camera robotics system applications,” said Telemetrics’ president, Anthony Cuomo.