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Tedial: Media collaboration made easy

A new media management system being introduced at IBC will allow content producers, broadcasters, pay TV operators, service providers and Telcos to work collaboratively on media securely and efficiently.

With the introduction of its Media Exchange Platform system, Tedial claims it is helping diverse global media players work together in a new way. The system directly integrates multi-tenant media exchanges into its core media workflows, whether upstream during news, sports and co-production or downstream during multi-platform packaging and distribution.

Tedial is also showcasing streamlined metadata acquisition from third-party production and traffic systems, and demonstrating how it can guarantee metadata preservation throughout the entire media lifecycle.

New functionality is also being highlighted for Tedial’s MPM media workflow, which directly manages the transcoding of content and metadata to streamline content packaging and delivery for multi-channel TV, catch-up services, VoD and OTT. Tedial’s live business reporting dashboards for multisite media workflows are also on display.