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Teaming up for IP console control

The company has reinforced its partnership with fellow Hall 8 exhibitor Lawo through the integration of its TM9 TouchMonitor into Lawo’s fully IP-based mc296 Grand Production Console.

The TM9 is seamlessly integrated into the surface of the console, which debuted earlier this year. The TouchMonitor has been customised according to Lawo’s requirements for integration in this new flagship console that supports all relevant standards, such as SMPTE 2110, AES67, Ravenna and Dante.

The TM9 is equipped with a high-grade, nine-inch touchscreen and an easy-to-use GUI, controllable by a finger or a mouse. Instruments can be scaled, randomly positioned and combined in various configurations for optimised use of available screen space.

Setup changes can easily be made because of the monitor’s context-sensitive on-screen help feature that supports the user.

In addition to the integrated RTW TM9, the mc296 offers features such as the network-based IP-Share gain compensation, enhanced multi-user operation capabilities and its mix-assist systems, enabling sound engineers to concentrate on the overall balance and sound quality of the production.

The console also features LiveView video thumbnails in addition to standard channel labelling via channel numbers, individual text labels and static pictures of icons.