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Tango Remote on a roll

The Tango Roller, a smoother, quieter alternative to a camera slider or glider, is now available as a motorised system. It has some neat touches, such as magnetic end stops that ensure a smooth end of rail stop.

The new Tango Remote is the result of co-operation between Prosup and the Vitec group. Prosup previously worked on the Q-Ball 3 for Camera Corps, and this relationship has been continued for the Tango Remote project.

The Tango, which can carry payloads of up to15kg, runs on Prosup-developed rubber rolls (unlike most sliders running on ball bearings that make them noisy and slightly rough to move), and was ideal for what Camera Corps was looking for: a movable small camera base that can remotely travel longer distances for covering sports and entertainment events.

Prosup also created its own extrusion rods, which fit seamlessly together, to provide this. Some of these motorised Tango units are scheduled to be used on next year’s Olympics.

A standard Tango Remote can be seen on the Camera Corps/Vitec stand (11.E55) and an underslung remote version on the Prosup/CaSu stand.