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Take the first VR dolly for a spin

The world’s first solution to remotely moving and stabilising 360-degree cameras on the ground has arrived in the Future Zone.

The 360° Evo is said to be almost invisible in the 360-degree spherical image and uses gyro stabilisation to eliminate roll, tilt and vibration. It can carry 360-video cameras up to 5kg in weight and attaches to the V-Con XL, a high level vertical axis stabiliser.

Marry the 360° Evo to a Mantis dolly – also from British developer Motion Impossible – and you have a solution to remotely move and stabilise 360-degree and VR cameras on the ground.

“We have been working on the Mantis 360º for some time now after being contacted repeatedly by frustrated 360-degree video filmmakers, all wanting to move their cameras,” explains CEO and BBC wildlife camera operator Rob Drewett.

“There are many challenges to moving 360-degree video, like smooth controlled movement, eliminating vibration and keeping the cameras level.

The Mantis 360 kit is everything you need to make your 360 video come to life.”

The Mantis is a modular system, with an operating range up to 300m/1,000ft and a quiet electric motor system allowing users to drive the camera into difficult filming areas, generate on-the-spot shots with no set up times, and film in a new and creative way.

A camera could be positioned at a low level using the V-Con module, a vertical axis stabiliser, or at eye level using the V-Con XL.