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Take a Magic Carpet slide

Magic Carpet Pro is a new professional level slider that can support full-sized video rigs, and is designed to make the most of Syrp’s upcoming Genie II three-axis motion control system.The slider includes an integrated flywheel and is available in 60cm, 90cm and 150cm lengths.

The system also benefits from redesigned end caps and carriage, and users can swap gear more easily thanks to Syrp’s patent-pending QR mount. This can quickly integrate with any video head and enables the Genie II to be simply clicked in straight to the carriage.

Syrp is also offering Magic Carpet Carbon Fibre, which is claimed to be “infinitely extendable” with tool-less set-up.

The lightweight track can fit easily in suitcases or packs and can be purchased in kits as individual 60cm tracks with end caps and carriage.

Extensions (which have been designed to create a seamless join for fluid camera motion) can be purchased separately or as part of two other kits.