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Take five for after-broadcast logger

The new Stirlitz Media Logger (SML) 5 is now available as a free upgrade to clients with an active maintenance contract with the company. The company claimed it to be the fastest after-broadcast logging software with HTML5 video playback and HLS capture.

SML records up to 50 TV or radio stations together with subtitles and metadata on a single generic server.

SML is a native IP, software-only logger, with the fifth generation ready for plugin-free browsers and internet TV. It supports HTML5 video playback in desktop SML webPlayer using MSE, compatible with the latest browsers, and with no additional plug-ins needed. It also supports

HTML5 video playback in mobile SML webPlayer using HLS, compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices.

Another new feature is HLS capture, allowing direct capture of HTTP live streaming video streams, while multi-quality proxy allows the recording of the same feed automatically in multiple qualities.

Performance and compatibility improvements, including Windows 10 compatibility, are also included.